Book Genre: Time Travel Fantasy

Discovering Their Destiny

What girl doesn't love coffee, wine, books, and designer shoes? Not a single one that I know. And now I’m stuck in the seventeenth century with no way of finding any of at least three of these things. Throw in a shape shifting gypsy, a hunky and moody Highland warrior, and a shaggy dog that only obeys me and you’ve got the reality of my new life. Devlin claims he was happy with life before I came along and mucked it all up. Even though we both refuse to accept it, the attraction between us can’t be denied. The stubborn highlander wants me for what I can do for his clan and he vows he’ll never let me go. But I don’t want to be kept. Love and magic were never a part of my plan, but it seems that destiny has other ideas, and fate won’t be ignored.

*formerly published under the title of Destiny Finds Her

Accepting their Destiny

My sister Blair is being held in the dungeons below the keep, waiting for a prophecy to steal her last breath. Not if I can help it. It all started with wanting a little adventure and trying to save Iona, Devlin’s sister, on my own. I freed Blair from her cell, but the Fae King caught us and has his own devious needs for us. We have a plan to trick the Fae King, and I’ve got a little bit of magic on my side, but will it be enough to get home before Devlin does? With the help of a raven, the Oracle, Green Jack, and my strong devoted Highland Warrior, We are on a mission to banish the Fae King, save my sister, and the land of Faery. No biggie. I’ve got this.

*Formerly titled Blair's Destiny

Fulfilling their Destiny

One crazy King.
Two magical sisters.
Three angry Fates.
Jami thought it was safe to leave Faery and the 17th century. She planned on traveling to the future to get Blair settled, spend some time with her best friend Todd, and then travel back to her love and her new home. The devastation they arrived to was unexpected and plans changed quickly.
Facing the former Faery king again hundreds of years in the future hadn’t even crossed their minds.
Jami and Blair must depend on a small group of friends and family, the tenuous help of three angry Fates, and the instability of untrained powers to trap Carrick and hand him over to the Fates.
They must bring him to justice before his greed destroys the world.