Book Genre: Paranormal Romance

Mack: The Alpha’s Mate

He’s loved and cherished.
She’s hated and hunted.
War threatens when their worlds collide.

As the son of the Alpha, Mack has never taken advantage of his position. Instead, he works to strengthen the pack any way he can. When his father asks him to find a female who has been missing since he was a teen, Mack jumps at the chance. But Casey will be far more than he bargained for. Beautiful. Strong. Hunted by danger. Can he teach her what it means to be part of a pack? Or will having her there put his people at risk?

Casey never meant to be found. She’s spent years hiding from the trauma that haunts her, but lately, something within her refuses to be ignored. Raw power. Predatory instincts. She’s losing control… and fast. Trust doesn’t come easy for her, but Mack might be her only hope. As ghosts from her past close in, can Mack teach her balance over the newfound abilities surging within her? Or will Casey inadvertently bring destruction down on those trying to help her?

Rook: Rescuing his Mate

Rook is oblivious to the horrors that await him in Paratay.

Dark secrets taint the packs of Brazil, centered around ancient customs designed to block the true mate bond. But fate has steered Rook to the land, and he is determined to answer its call.

Hidden behind the Alpha's doors, Jasmine longs for freedom. Never did she anticipate the chance would come accompanied by the magnetic pull of her bonded mate.

Together, they are stronger. A force able to challenge the evils lording over her pride. But will it be enough for Jasmine to break free from the chains of her past? Or will they be crushed under the violent reign of archaic traditions?

Sterling: A Second Chance Mate

Sterling only gets called in when things are bad, and they don’t get much worse than this.

A pack in Texas is trapped under the rule of an Alpha who uses black magic and bloodthirsty vampires to bend his people to his will. Sterling is ready to storm in and do what he must when he feels the undeniable stirrings of the mate bond. Now, the stakes are higher than ever. If he fails, the Resistance will eradicate the entire pack... including his mate. And there will be nothing he can do to stop them.

Reana is one of the few in her pack not affected by her Alpha’s black magic. When Sterling charges into town, she prays he’s the answer to the threatening Resistance. Until she discovers he’s her bonded mate. Ready to run at the first chance she gets, the last thing she wants is a possessive mate holding her back.

Time is running out. Can Sterling convince Reana to help save the imprisoned pack? Or will they both be trapped under the growing web of dark magic?

Wyatt: Discovering his Mate

Can love prevent an apocalyptic magical war?

As the last dragon shifter, Wyatt resigned himself to a lonely existence absent of love or a mate. Acting as a rogue outlaw, he rides from town to town on his beloved bike protecting humans and shifters from a brutal warlock faction.

All that changes the instant he sees Natalie and feels the undeniable pull of the mate bond.

Natalie longs for more than her small town can offer, yet caring for her mother prevents her from exploring these desires. Instead, she settles for living vicariously through her best friend--who is the daughter of a prominent warlock.

Until a mysterious, brooding shifter rides into town...

The instant Wyatt appears Natalie’s world is turned upside down as secrets are revealed about her tiny hometown. The last thing Wyatt wants is to hurt his mate in any way. Yet helping her break free from the trap she’s imprisoned in will require her betraying her best friend.

One way or another, a war is coming.

To prevent all they hold dear from being destroyed, they must risk their lives and their love. Or... watch everything they know and love burn to ash.

Stephen: The Omega’s Mate

Cursed or not, I will get my mate back. In the span of two weeks I found my true mate, told I’m a rare omega and found out I’m cursed. As if things couldn’t get worse another pack alpha decides to abduct my true mate days after I find her. With help from a dragon and lion shifter, with a reputation no one wants to mess with, we set out to rescue Harper. I promise if that alpha harms a hair on her head, I’ll have his on a pike!

It’s up to me to save my pack. In order to do that I must deny the advances of the new River Pack Alpha and keep the growing bond to my true mate hidden. Everything goes to hell in a handbasket when another pack alpha kidnaps me. One wrong move can cost the lives of my people. I refuse to become a pawn in this war. Nor will I allow another person I love to sacrifice themselves to save me.

The Omega’s Curse is full of shifters, strong female leads, magic and finding one's true mate.

His One True Mate

Billionaire tech genius, Leo Lancaster is accustomed to hiding his truth behind mankind’s materialistic comforts. But no more. The lion within him is on the prowl for a mate, and his primal instincts refuse to be ignored. Driven by his shifter side, he embarks on a journey across the globe to claim that fated bond.

Thankfully, he doesn’t have to venture far. Sauntering by in heels and a curve-hugging pencil skirt, everything about Katrina calls to him. To Leo’s great regret, she needs a bit of convincing.

Katrina Denmark is on the run from a past determined to destroy her. By focusing her life on helping others, she battles to overcome the fears that haunt her. Finally, she’s starting to feel safe. In control. Until the lioness side of her begins aching to submit to Leo. Terrified of her own growing desires, Katrina is deliberating over whether to take a chance on Leo when the deranged monster she’s spent years trying to escape catches up to her.

With her life and freedom on the line, will Katrina allow Leo to stand beside with the ferocious love of a mate? Or will her own fears force her to face the looming darkness alone?

Her Reluctant Mate


Known as DJ among his pride, Diego Cordova moved to South America to escape his life as an assassin and torture expert for a cartel. His ability to turn off his humanity is what kept him alive through all the ugliness thrust upon him. Yet his soul is scarred from each life he took… making him feel unworthy of a mate.

How could anyone love him when they learn of all he’s done?


Kymber Prescott knows her boss, Ricardo, is a horrible person, but she’s powerless to escape him. Even so, she‘s irresistibly drawn to DJ and refuses to let Ricardo hurt him, or his loving pride. To protect them all, she’s willing to gamble with the one thing Ricardo has yet to rip away… her life.

Tapping into the side of himself he thought he put behind him, DJ fights to free Kymber from Ricardo’s clutches. Will he get to her in time? Or will her freedom be auctioned off to the highest bidder?

Trigger warning
This book contains content that may be difficult for some readers. This includes a non-consensual, unhealthy BDSM dynamic that includes physical and mental abuse that may be hard or triggering for readers.

Their Chosen Mate

A dominant mate, a loving submissive, and the woman who steals both their hearts.

Amelia decided a mate wasn’t in her future. However, her panther disagreed the moment he spoke. Their body came to life at Niko’s growly voice. When Miguel’s caring attention caused the same heat to build within her, she rebels against what fate has presented her.

Niko had no time for one mate, let alone two. A night at the club satisfied his needs when he needed to scratch the proverbial itch. He must let go of the stereotypes his prior pride taught him if there was any chance to accept his mates.

Miguel knew immediately that the bond between the three of them was an amazing, unique gift. His panther preened at the realization fate chose him for such a prize. He just needed to get Niko and Amelia to see and accept the connection uniting them.

Can Amelia overcome the scars from her life and accept the gift right in front of her? Can Niko soften enough to accept the gift fate presented him with? Can Miguel's loving attention bring them all together once and for all?