Rejected (Book 1 Shadow Beast Shifters) By Jaymin Eve

Rejected (Book 1 Shadow Beast Shifters) By Jaymin Eve

Many of you may not know, but before I became a published author I had a moderatly successful book blog. Through that blog I learned of indie authors and found a plethora of amazing authors. Many of those authors encouraged me to take the leap and write my own stories. Since then I find myself reading more indie published than traditionally published books. I let that blog go when writing became my main focus.

After five years I am looping back around to do book reviews again and I am so excited about it. Don’t worry I’ll keep writing as well, but this outlet helps keep my soul happy.

Today I am reviewing Rejected by Jaymin Eve.

Ya’ll this is the first 5 star read I have had in a very long time! I could not put this book down. I will warn you it does end on a cliffhanger. Book 2 is out, but Book 3 isn’t slated to release until March.

This is the story about survival, of doing what is necessary to make it to the end. A female who is paying for her father’s sins years later. The plot kept me turning the page, wanting to know what happens next. Fate mate, rejection, abuse, and then in walks a dark, mysterious god who needs her for his own reasons. Yet another male who only sees her as useful for one purpose only.

But she won’t let that dull her spirit, or her thirst for knowledge about her world and those beyond it. Or her smart mouth that sometimes operates faster than the brain behind it.

Mystery, intrigue, magic, sexual tension, intense sexual gratification, this book has it all. I am sure the full trilogy will be just as amazing.

To Ms. Eve herself, thank you for creating this amazing world. It satisfied the hungry reader inside me and inspired the writer to expand her own writing into deeper pastures of emotion. To take what I know, learn and expand upon it and bring my own readers worlds that keep them in their seat turning the pages until there are no more and then shouting to the world about it.

Rejected is available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited, I highly suggest you grab your copy today!


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