Does size really matter?

Does size really matter?

This is a question that has stuck in my head since I took a webinar on how to create interesting and interactive emails and I knew I had to write about it.

That questions was the title/headline for the email and was the highest open rate she had ever had. Of course she had a cute story to go behind the question, but it made me start thinking of all the ways that questions could be applied in life…and then this week I had my own awkward moment in relation to this same question.

Does size matter in….

cars?….not really

books?….nope it’s all about the story

bowls of queso?…..yes the bigger the better

margaritas?…..see answer above

size of your laptop screen when you google the above question in google images during your son’s bowling match in the middle of the crowd?….yes, the smaller the better….or pray your fingers are fast enough to switch tabs.

So that’s how I came to this post…because the last question really happened…at the one bowling game I will probably make this year..so you can cue most amazing mom award right there.

What has been your awkward moment this week? I hope this little snippet from the life and times of Miranda Lynn has put a smile on your face!


Until next time..keep reading.

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